ULPU Employment Evening 27.4.2016

On 27.4.2016 ULPU organised an open event to members and anyone else interested on the employment and welfare of spouses in Finland and abroad.

The night's speakers were the Foreign Ministry's Director of Human Resources, Vesa Lehtonen, on the Ministry's perspective; Tuula Lindeman from Kela's Centre for International Affairs, on Finnish social security abroad; Anu Majuri and Roy Herold from MPS Enterprises, on the headhunting their company does; and ULPU's very own chairman, Jari Ahde, on entrepreneurship as an alternative to more typical employment.

All speakers elicited very good questions from the audience and provided enlightening answers to them.

Postiosoite: PL 451, 00023 Valtioneuvosto  |  Käyntiosoite: Kanavakatu 3 B, Helsinki | FI47 2001 1800 1651 47, BIC NDEAFIHH