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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spouses Association


ULPU ry improves the position of spouses and families by addressing the shortcomings that arise in the spouse’s career advancement and social security when accompanying a civil servant spouse on foreign missions.

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Ulpu ry

ULPU ry enhances the position of spouses and families by addressing the challenges that arise in the spouse’s career advancement, as well as social security and pension benefits, while accompanying a civil servant spouse on foreign missions.

Furthermore, we assist our members in matters concerning the status and life of civil servant spouses. We are a member of the European Union Foreign Affairs Spouses, Partners and Families Association (EUFASA).

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Toward the Common Good

Since 1968, ULPU ry has served as more than just a source of support and security for the families of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has been the cornerstone upon which a strong community has been built, transcending national boundaries and cultural differences. In its operations, the association not only provides critical guidance and support to its members but also creates significant networking opportunities and promotes their interests in a global context. At the heart of this community lies a shared understanding and respect born out of diverse experiences and common challenges.

From its inception, ULPU ry has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights and well-being of civil servant spouses and their families. The association has acted as a bridge builder, connecting its members not only in Finland but also on the international stage, representing their interests and needs. This work has facilitated better adaptation for families on foreign assignments, ensuring that their social security and other rights are protected.

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