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Family Affairs Coordinator

Family Affairs Coordinator

Laura Immonen
+358 295 351 952


The seventh Family Affairs Coordinator at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Laura Immonen, started her position on October 1, 2017. Her responsibilities now also include the development of Halku courses and serving as a course director.

The Family Affairs Coordinator’s role is to promote and oversee the status of spouses and children of Ministry for Foreign Affairs officials. She monitors and conveys views, wishes, and complaints regarding family policies to administrative decision-makers, as well as conducts inquiries and proposes measures concerning families.

“I have served twice as a spouse abroad—first in Stockholm and then in Oslo. I have also been stationed as a diplomat in Oslo with my spouse accompanying me. Being a spouse has been truly rewarding for me, and I consider the role important for both our family’s well-being and my husband’s duties.”

“While being a spouse, I have had the opportunity to serve our country from a slightly different perspective and have gained invaluable experience. I believe that these experiences are very beneficial in my current role, where my aim is to positively influence the status of spouses in general and to enhance the education and training opportunities for relocating spouses. Depending on the host country, there are various job and study opportunities available for spouses abroad.


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs supports and encourages families to embark on foreign assignments together, as this facilitates the best combination of work and family life. Closest ones form a strong support network. Sharing joys and sorrows with a spouse and being able to discuss even difficult matters are invaluable. However, it’s not always possible for family members or spouses to join the assignment abroad due to studies, work, or other commitments. This is clearly a growing trend that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs needs to address proactively.”

“The Spouse Association ULPU ry does excellent work in improving the status of spouses and families, and ULPU is an important partner for the Family Affairs Coordinator. Organizing joint events is a good example of collaboration. In diplomatic missions, family affairs support personnel advise and guide spouses and families on daycare and school matters, networking, and spouses’ job search, among other things.

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