The Spouses Association celebrates 50 years on 23.8

The Spouses Association celebrates!


Now is the right moment to register for the 50th anniversary party of the ULPU ry. This unique party will be held at the re-opened Katajanokan Kasino, on Thursday, August 23. at 6 - 9 pm.
All members and their spouses are invited.


Entry fee for members (who have paid their membership fee) is 20 € (incl. Program, Buffet Dinner, Welcome Drink and one glass of wine). Obs! Your spouse is most welcome, too (fee 50 €).
Please register by paying the fee to the ULPU’s account (FI47 20011800165147) not later than August 15.
Dress code: dark suit
Questions and information about food restrictions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Venue: Katajanokan Kasino, Laivurinkatu 1, Helsinki

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Annual Meeting of ULPU, 19.3.2018

Annual Meeting of ULPU, Spouses Association of the MFA was held on Monday 19 March in the Foyer of the Press Department. The meeting reviewed the past year’s activities and accepted the plan for this year. The update of the bylaws that already had been discussed in earlier meetings, was approved as the new bylaws of Ulpu. They will be published on Ulpu webpage soon.

The responsible Official from the UM-100 team made a presentation on the plans of the ministry to improve its visibility during the MFA´s centennial year. Members of Ulpu pointed out that also the role of the spouses should be made visible in the ministry’s activities.

In the following discussion, participants underlined how important it is for the spouses to be updated on the ministry’s policies and reforms that directly affect them. Oftentimes they are not sufficiently informed of administrative reforms and new guidelines – especially if it is left to their overworked spouses to look for the relevant information. This is the case in particular, if the spouses are not members of Ulpu and who cannot read Foorumi. The HR department should have a direct way of communication with the spouses. The Family Officer’s Newsletter, for example, has been a good method to share information. Participants also pointed out that also the spouses should be active to find information and defend their rights.

Members of Ulpu have both the privilege and the responsibility to influence the decision-making and to acquire information on issues that are relevant to them. Please make sure that your contact information are up-to-date at Ulpu’s updated membership list and in our FB-group.

Ulpu’s new board that was elected in October last year warmly welcomes any messages, requests and initiatives. All members are welcome to participate and new people are welcome to join Ulpu.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


An evening at city hall

Thank you to the deputy mayor Viljanen and everyone who was able to attend the evening reception at the city hall. Also thanks to the Discantus choir for an amazing performance. Great to have had you at the reception.

Afternoon tea at Smolna 5.12.2016

On Monday the 5th of December, ULPU had the honour of hosting an afternoon tea party at Smolna. The event was a success with representatives from numerous countries in attendance alongside spouses and board members from ULPU. The evening started off with a speech from Ms.Tiina Soini, who asked us to consider the position of spouses specifically, what are we, looking past our positions as spouses? After the thought provoking speech we had the pleasure of listening to musical talent of duo named Puro. After which we enjoyed a buffet with a range of Finnish flavours from salmon to deer while spending the rest of the evening socializing.

A Christmas Party, Ulpu-style!

The annual Spouses’ Association Christmas party was held this year at the Helsinki Adult Education Institute kitchen, where in yuletide spirit and under the direction of Eva Leino we prepared international Christmas foods.

As we enjoyed the Christmas mood, we conversed about cooking, the affairs of spouses and families, employment and work leave, as well as enjoying the presentation of Sirkka and Antti Lassila’s book.

Although it may be too late to have a taste for yourself, you can enjoy pictures and additional material from the evening here.

Postiosoite: PL 451, 00023 Valtioneuvosto  |  Käyntiosoite: Kanavakatu 3 B, Helsinki | FI47 2001 1800 1651 47, BIC NDEAFIHH