Vanamo, Hanna (1913 - 2000)

Ulpu Association's founder and it’s first president, Hanna Vanamo, actively and successfully represented Finland in Finnish foreign delegations alongside her spouse, Ambassador Jorma Vanamo, for more than 40 years. At the same time she worked vigorously to improve the situation of families of Foreign Ministry officials and home-schooling for children.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs wives

In May 1968 Hanna Vanamo together with Sirkka Rytkönen and Marjatta Lehtovaara gathered in Helsinki the wives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials. Hanna Vanamo had over the years come across situations where advice and guidance would have been needed while on representation abroad.

13.05.1968 the event was attended 35 ladies. During the event, it was decided to form an association, which was named "Foreign Service Wives’ Association." A board of directors, as well as a ruling committee were elected in the name of the Association. Hanna Vanamo was elected as the first chairperson. It was concluded that some form of guidebook would be needed to support with initial challenges, combining details of the circumstances in various foreign posts. It was decided to inform all the wives of officials to abroad.

From Ministry of Foreign Affairs wives to spouse association.

Over the years, the association first changed its name to the Foreign Service officials’ spouses association, UHVA ry, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spouse association, ULPU ry.

ULPU Association celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008. To mark the milestone the association published a book detailing it’s history (in Finnish language).

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